Since 1993

Welcome to Team Harmony!


Well, not the company. Just the website. This isn’t a job offer or anything.

We specialize in the details, from the little modifications to the large repairs that makes your house a home. Staffed by experienced craftsmen, experts, artisans and a conspicuously tall guy, we are well suited to handle any job your house might throw at us. We have a working relationship with houses, they understand us, we understand them. It sounds weird when you say it out loud, we know.

Located primarily in Wilmington, NC, we offer services in surrounding areas. Staging from the center of the Wilmington area, we are able to start early and can often end our workdays before the kids get home from school!


We promise to make it our very highest priority that your entire experience with is us as fun, efficient, and with as little interference to your life as possible. We’re not just your builders, we’re here to help you treat your home so it lasts lifetimes. We're your trusted advisors, maybe even your friends. Not in a creepy way, we have other friends too.

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